1. BIRD ARID 2021Conference by Benadir University Co-hosted by Makerere University and The Jassa Centre. (Sept 2021 8th-9th) Click here to learn more…
  2. SOMALIA INTER-UNIVERSITY QUIZ CHAMPIONSHIPS (August 2021 18th -20th) Click here to register!


Bridging The Gap!

THE JASSA CENTRE is a think tank that aims to harness the power of research, networks, and partnerships to build stronger healthcare and academic systems in resource-limited areas. We work with institutions of higher learning and non-profit institutions to achieve this goal. Our dedicated team identifies the gaps and then mobilizes partners and other resources to fill the gaps… Read More



Our Healthcare Unit seeks to foster networks and partnerships with other healthcare stakeholders that can invoke immediate and long-term positive outcomes in Healthcare in resource-limited areas. We also assist Healthcare institutions working in resource-limited areas to get capacity-building opportunities for their health workers … Read More


This unit prides on authentic health and social care research aimed at finding new knowledge that could influence healthcare policies, treatment, health education, and care thereby reducing disease burden. The Unit mainly carries out research in resource-limited areas to seek problems in the Healthcare System that need to be addressed, and thereafter make recommendations for a possible solution … Read More


While working with higher education institutions in resource-limited areas, this Unit seeks to find global partnerships and networks that can enable such institutions to grow in; training programs, student/staff exchange with other global institutions, student internships/ placements/ attachments abroad, joint academic programs with other institutions, joint research, academic writing, and other programs that … Read More

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