The Jassa Centre was founded in 2016 with the sole purpose of improvement of essential service delivery for Africa’s underserved/underprivileged regions, and institutions that would otherwise benefit from global development but are faced with barriers that can be met through consultancy services.

The Jassa Centre remains a centre of choice for many developing institutions and a Centre of Excellence committed to the negotiations, securing and management of partnerships and linkages through consultancy services. The fields of consultancy include; Health Care, Education, and Corporate Linkages.

The concept of consultancy in partnerships and linkages has been developed by a team with several years of experience in International Programs and linkages with various universities, hospitals and corporate organizations operating in Africa. The team has had a fair share in good partnership and linkages deals.

Our time tested and field proven consistency in securing and management of partnerships and linkages in the fields of health care, education and corporate services is the reason we remain the company of choice for many developing institutions and regions.


Our Vision is to be the leading Consultancy Firm in Africa that will enable institutions and persons in underprivileged/ underserved regions to acquire the necessary partnership and linkages for a global excellence in Healthcare, Education and corporate services.



Our Mission is: Empowering educational, healthcare and corporate institutions with the necessary partnerships and linkages they need to fully provide their services to the best and to an internationally acceptable level. The visions and missions of your institutions is on what we base our work.


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