$37 EsyDream 3D Oil Painting Tiger Animal Boys/Men's Duvet Cover Set Home Kitchen Bedding $37 EsyDream 3D Oil Painting Tiger Animal Boys/Men's Duvet Cover Set Home Kitchen Bedding /disnaturalization59533.html,3D,Tiger,EsyDream,www.thejassacentre.com,$37,Oil,Boys/Men's,Animal,Duvet,Set,Cover,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Painting 2021 EsyDream 3D Oil Painting Tiger Animal Men's Duvet Set Cover Boys /disnaturalization59533.html,3D,Tiger,EsyDream,www.thejassacentre.com,$37,Oil,Boys/Men's,Animal,Duvet,Set,Cover,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Painting 2021 EsyDream 3D Oil Painting Tiger Animal Men's Duvet Set Cover Boys

Manufacturer OFFicial shop 2021 EsyDream 3D Oil Painting Tiger Animal Men's Duvet Set Cover Boys

EsyDream 3D Oil Painting Tiger Animal Boys/Men's Duvet Cover Set


EsyDream 3D Oil Painting Tiger Animal Boys/Men's Duvet Cover Set

Product description

Size:Twin Size(1*duvet cover+2*pillowcase)

Item:3D Oil Painting Duvet Bedding Sets(Without Comforter) 3PC/Set
Material: 100% Reactive Print Polyester
Suitable Season: All the Seasons
Filling: No
Wash Method: Machine Washable amp; Hand Wash
Duvet Cover 3PC/Sets,Include 1pc Duvet Cover + 2pc Pillowcase

Detail Size As Follow:
King Size
1 piece Duvet Cover 220*240cm(86.6*94.4inches)
2 piece Pillowcase 48*74cm(18.9*29inches)

Queen Size
1 piece Duvet Cover 200*230cm(78.7*90.5inches)
2 piece Pillowcase 48*74cm(18.9*29inches)

Twin Size
1 piece Duvet Cover 173*218cm(68*85.5inches)
2 piece Pillowcase 48*74cm(18.9*29inches)

Important Note: This Duvet Cover sets is not include any comforter or filling in it .
Wash Notes for bedding
Machine washable. Water not higher than 30 degree.
Do not put liquid laundry detergents on the bedding directly, should dissolve it in the water first
No dry cleaning
The first wash can usually fade the color of the set in an acceptable manner. For this reason, when you wash the set for the first time, DO NOT mix with other textile items in your wash machine

EsyDream 3D Oil Painting Tiger Animal Boys/Men's Duvet Cover Set

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