Men's,Orca,Openwater,Thermal,RS1,,Wetsuit,$314,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,/firlot59959.html Men's,Orca,Openwater,Thermal,RS1,,Wetsuit,$314,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,/firlot59959.html Washington Mall Orca Men's Openwater Wetsuit Thermal RS1 $314 Orca Men's Openwater RS1 Thermal Wetsuit Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation Washington Mall Orca Men's Openwater Wetsuit Thermal RS1 $314 Orca Men's Openwater RS1 Thermal Wetsuit Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation

Max 85% OFF Washington Mall Orca Men's Openwater Wetsuit Thermal RS1

Orca Men's Openwater RS1 Thermal Wetsuit


Orca Men's Openwater RS1 Thermal Wetsuit

Product description

The Openwater RS1 Thermal wetsuit is the wetsuit that provides the most thermal protection of the Orca range. It features a specially developed inner lining to maximize heat retention for open water swimming. It also has a second layer of “batwing” neoprene that provides more insulation in the zipper and neck areas, reinforcing the weak points of the wetsuit for swimming in cold water.

Orca Men's Openwater RS1 Thermal Wetsuit

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