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Water Wave Many popular brands 4 Bundles Wet Detroit Mall And Unproc Human Hair Wavy 100%

Water Wave 4 Bundles Wet And Wavy Human Hair Bundles 100% Unproc


Water Wave 4 Bundles Wet And Wavy Human Hair Bundles 100% Unproc

Product Description

Water Wave Bundles 100% Unprocessed 8A Virgin Brazilian Human Hair Extensions Natural Color for Black Women


Why choose JICBTR?

  • Focus on human hair products processing for more than 10 years, the process is more delicate and exquisite.
  • Strict quality control makes your use more and more comfortable and longer.
  • As a professional supplier of 100% human hair products, we have been committed to providing high-quality products and have customers from all over the world.
  • Polish the quality and create the beauty of black women.
  • Choosing JICBTR means a great shopping experience!

Summer and Water Waves!

water wave bundles

Show Beauty!


JICBTR 8A 100% Virgin Human Hair Water Wave Bundles

1)Hair Material: 8A 100% unprocessed Brazilian virgin human hair extensions

2)Hair Package: wet and wavy water wave hair 3/4 bundles

3)Hair Length:10~28inches are available

4)Hair Weight:85gram

5)Hair Quality: Unprocessed Brazilian hair weave bundles, very soft/wavy, tangle free

6)Hair Color:1B Natural Black color

7)Advantage:Cutted from healthy girl‘s head,every bundle is full and thick.

8)Occadion:Suit for any occasion such as birthday/party/weeding/Mother’s Day/appointment/graduation and so on.

water wave bundles body wave bundles kinky curly bundles water wave bundles body wave bundles
water wave bundles body wave bundles kinky curly bundles water wave bundles body wave bundles
Brazilian Virgin Hair
Hair Quality 9A 9A 9A 8A 8A
Hair Weight 100gram 100gram 100gram 85gram 85gram
Hair Length 10~28inches 10~28inches 10~28inches 10~28inches 10~28inches

Water Wave 4 Bundles Wet And Wavy Human Hair Bundles 100% Unproc

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